poor Kevin uvu


Poor Kiseop x)

The very sad story of how YoungJae failed his Manitto mission


Baby Jun eating his ice cream~

Winner on the YG Family Wall - 2013 // 2014

kookie free~



So i’m a cashier at a home improvement store & I was ringing up a guy who kept asking if I had a boyfriend & if he could have my number while I was scanning his items. I told him I did (when I really didn’t). He kept saying I was lying & that if I did he probably wasn’t as good looking as him. Then I pulled out my cell phone & showed him my phone wallpaper of Seungri. After he saw it he said “Yeah, I can’t compete with that”. & I responded with ” Yeah, you definitely can’t”, in which pissed him off and shut him up. 


A man this cute deserves everything you can offer him. Could you seriously say no to that pout?

jr. cant believe he raised kids like these

got7 completing their secret manito missions

Yunhyeong - Mix & Match Episode 2